We grow flowers, foliage, grasses and seed heads from April-November. We supply the general public and the floral industry. Please see the tabs below for details of our services.




Wild Earth Flowers brings together 20 years of growing experience and a passion for the natural world. Founded by a Farmer-Florist who wanted to create a truly ethical and sustainable business which would have a positive impact on the environment. We grow on a plot out doors and in unheated polytunnels near Bristol.

A lifelong love of flowers began early, helping my grandparents grow sweet peas. At the time I was grateful for the pocket money but I now know I earned something much greater; the beginning of a life-long obsession with growing and a deep connection with the natural world. 

The past twenty years of my career has never strayed far from my love of gardening, the environment and wanting to protect it. Training and experience in Conservation, Land Management and Horticulture led me into a career as a Horticultural Therapist, the past 10 years of which was spent on a 37 acre farm. Here I really experienced the joy of growing cut flowers and their ability to change a space, lift a mood and show someone that you care. I taught volunteers how to grow flowers, ran workshops and sold cut-flowers and plants.

I fell in love with the concept of English Cut Flowers, not only because they challenge a traditionally environmentally damaging industry, where 90% of all flowers are imported, but also because in this country we are able to grow a huge variety of flowers that are unique, beautiful and not found in supermarkets and most florists. I love how the colours, forms and textures of the flowers, grasses, foliage and seed pods we grow reflect the beauty and diversity found in nature.

As I continued to specialise in flower growing I then trained in floristry, so that I could learn about the features and qualities that make a good cut flower, enabling me to carefully curate a growing list full of beautiful and useful varieties.

Wild Earth Flowers was born from a desire to combine my knowledge and experience in growing and my passion for flowers and the environment.



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