The desire to create a truly ethical and sustainable business is at the heart of our decision making. We aim to have a positive environmental impact at our growing site and use environmentally friendly practices in all elements of our business.

These include, in our growing:

- We only use peat-free, organic growing medium for propagating and organic composts and manures out on the farm
- We don’t use artificial fertilisers or pesticides at any stage of growing. Instead we work with natural systems including no-dig cultivation to create healthy soils and plant at the right time, to encourage healthy crops.

- We choose flower varieties that are nectar and pollen rich to support pollinators

- We use wildflower margins to attract pollinators and support biodiversity

- We only use long-life (10+ years) plastics to grow in

- We only use materials that are bulk purchased to reduce packaging and transportation.

And in our selling:

- We use minimal packaging and any packaging we do use is 100% biodegradable
- We grow near to where we sell to reduce transport costs